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Fish Sin

2021.10.21 00:23 reds2032 Fish Sin

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2021.10.21 00:23 WSOP290 We’re back baby.

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2021.10.21 00:23 avitony I wouldn’t mind seeing Drew Lock play tomorrow. He does his own shit anyway and can improvise better than Pat Shurmur.

I’m pulling for Teddy to play but I’m curious to find out how Drew does in Pats playbook
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2021.10.21 00:23 revcruz Day 19: Loop. "Time Loops" (IG: revcruz)

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2021.10.21 00:23 cheytans two years sober today

i never thought i'd make it this far. my health has suffered from my drinking but stopping has improved it just a bit and i may have a chance to heal my GI system and liver. it's scary considering how inflamed it is even after all this time... but i'm determined to not make it worse and keep trying to get better.
if you read this, thank you, keep being strong. we'll all be okay <3
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2021.10.21 00:23 fake_name_guy a clusterfuck

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2021.10.21 00:23 reemgee123 Broke off friendship

I recently broke off a friendship because we weren’t close anymore and i didn’t enjoy being around them. Now they wont stop asking why and saying sorry and its getting really annoying. Me saying i just dont enjoy spending time with them isn’t enough for them to leave me alone and i kinda regret just telling them. Im also friends with this person partner and i would also like to still be friends with them. Do u guys have any advice on what i should do in this situation?
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2021.10.21 00:23 DicidueyeAssassin Based on a true story ;)

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2021.10.21 00:23 harendra21 Accepting multiple inputs from users in a single line

This tip is about accepting multiple inputs from users in a single line:
Traditional way

a = input('Enter number: ') b = input('Enter another number: ') print(a) print(b) 
Enter number: 12 # hit enter Enter another number: 13 # hit enter 12 13 
a, b = input('Enter numbers: ').split() print(a) print(b) 
Enter numbers: 12 13 # enter multiple numbers separate by white space and hit enter. 12 13 
So we can see after applying the trick we use one input() statement. It can take n inputs at a time separated by whitespace.
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2021.10.21 00:23 EJ316_ Did Michael kills Loomis?

So in Halloween kills whenever Michael attacks the car before Marion realises she’s out of bullets she says “this is for Doctor Loomis” but from what we know Michael never killed Loomis in this timeline did he? I assumed he had just passed away between movies
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2021.10.21 00:23 Junior_Leather_8628 Zweihaka Primal Pursuit Mission Pack 2 Trailer Released!

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2021.10.21 00:23 gungur Thought it’d be cool to share the store front of a retro gaming store in a small town I passed by!

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2021.10.21 00:23 Notcooldudz Streamer maces random black man and tries to get him killed by cop

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2021.10.21 00:23 Sockoou Thinking about possibly getting a racing game friends group together.

We can just chat on reddit or discord and game together and talk about sim racers, arcade racers, Favorite cars, tracks, games etc. Of course it doesn’t have to be strictly talking about racing. But I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Pm me if you’re interested 18+ only please. (I’d really only feel comfortable talking to adults)
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2021.10.21 00:23 Cold-Moment6503 I want to put up video but no where can I

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2021.10.21 00:23 Kragler4 Pot kıran krypton v2

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2021.10.21 00:23 malpa2 Loved this moment in the postmortem. Decided to gif it.

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2021.10.21 00:23 fartboxsixtynine Save the planet

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2021.10.21 00:23 HumanbeingDA Anybody else does this?

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2021.10.21 00:23 dynowrex123 3rd and 4th gear

Hello, I have a 2019 wrx and the shifter when its in 3rd and 4th gear moves a little bit when I accelerate, and also when i downshift also. Is this normal? If it's not normal could it be shifter bushing worn out?
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2021.10.21 00:23 Hawkser Four socket polearm farming - normal cows or nightmare cows?

Title pretty much says it. Is it better to farm normal cows or nightmare cows for a four socket polearm? Does it matter? I found an exceptional polearm in nightmare cows and cubed it for sockets, but ended up with six sockets. Which is great...except I'm trying to make an Insight. /sigh
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2021.10.21 00:23 LilliputianMouse This is your little reminder that you are a valid and beloved part of the community, no matter what labels (or lack thereof) that you use! #LoveFromBANGLADESH

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2021.10.21 00:23 LastWarioMain How Much Can I Emulate with RetroArch on a Mac?

Topic. First time here hi!
This has been asked a thousand times I’m sure and I’ve done the research. However, I’d like to ask if my laptop in particular can emulate most 3D content.
To put it bluntly, I need to run GameCube games to be able to have a Mario Party Marathon (to prep for the new Switch game) with a friend group. Issue is that I need a portable option since most of my other devices are either tons of Raspberry Pis or desktops. So far, the best candidate is an i5 dual core laptop up to 1.8 GHz. From what I’ve read: 1.8GHz isn’t great for GameCube games. This worries me since the last time I tried to run GameCube games on it, seemed like nothing was working as intended (black screen, etc.)
Like, I can buy and hack a Wii to get the same result, but I’m greedy (name checks out). Is there any hope for my little Mac?
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2021.10.21 00:23 Xxslavman69420xX Rate the loadout for early game used for general purpose

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2021.10.21 00:23 zaddar1 glowing moons

the distance between truth and falsity is lost
glowing moons are glowing moons
so what ?
zen and prayer
christianity and meditation
they try to fill your mind
with junk
some time
just not reading
letting what comes together
and what falls apart
fall apart
is enough
is still monotheism
one god or two
ego or non ego
the understanding lacks
what it has no experience of
and god can't give
the voice of the rabble
is still the voice of the rabble
philosophy tries
and fails
religion tries
and murders
i try
when i don't have to
not understanding what he reads
he pretends to have an opinion
why not ?
he pretends to be some-one
when the sun rises
it seems sensible
when a hundred suns rise
what then ?
when they speak in emoticons
you know
their reading and writing age
tight knots
through hardship
and necessity
the dreamers dream
doesn’t untie
nooses of ineptitude
they write in a fantasy land
unable to discern fact from fiction
they step into the unreal
non-existent steps
going nowhere
no wonder
“ belligerent man ”
for whom sex was an answer
turned out not
to be an answer
but another
paws stuck in pitch
yet still he thinks
that baby face is real
tangled in words
he imagines unwinding
but the snarl gets worse
unlike br’er rabbit
when they get stuck on the tar baby
its forever
the buddha dharma cannot be known by a person
the buddha dharma can be known by a person
jelly beans
from the mouths of idiots
the horizon
like the end of the rainbow
is never arrived at
why can’t you get there ?
well you can’t get to where
what is defined to be at a distance from you
its these "distances" that seem to be most attractive to us
but least attainable
spring leaves on a copper beech
an unattainable colour
i won’t attempt to name it
we don’t understand
we are the most marvellous construction
following a pattern
not of our making
and beyond our control
brevity versus utility
brevity and utility
brevity with utility
comprende ?
a galaxy
covering the lawn
surprisingly, bob dylan’s nobel acceptance speech is better than most, more real
the "supposed" chinese propaganda film battle at lake changjin is actually subtly "anti-war" in that you would never want to be part of what occurred on either side
if you dig a bit deeper , it was in a fact a pivotal battle that so weakened the chinese military that the south was able to maintain its territorial integrity in the longer term
i bet its not being shown in north korea, whose missile program is not to antagonise the west, but keep out the chinese who considered invading it around the year 2000
what did cleopatra look like ? it seems certain she had red hair
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