2021.10.21 00:03 Cultureparadigma Advice

Hello everyone,
I recently got hired as n intern at Non-Profit Foundation. They’re focus on providing scholarship for underprivileged in pursue of Culinary Degree. They put me in In-House Public Relation Dept. My tasks is to list Grants. First of all, I have never done it before since I always worked in Food and Beverage Industry my whole life. Grants, is something I never dig before, nor understand. Any advice and suggestion how to begin? I appreciate for any kind of help and advice. Thank you
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2021.10.21 00:03 Leilabinkysunshine How to protect electrical cords that are out in the open?

Hello everybun, I’m not sure what to do about my bunny proofing situation. I recently moved rooms and don’t have the opportunity to block it off with a baby gate due to switching to an L shaped desk. how would you be able to block the entire cord and the plug? All the ones on Amazon seem to only fit up to the actual plug and I’m worried she would chew the plugs (she gets into EVERYTHING) but if anyone has suggestions to bunny proof open cords that can’t be blocked off with a baby gate. (I’m also very tired and frustrated with the baby gate as it falls on my knees often and sometimes even bruises. The things we do for our pets) any help is appreciated thank you kind of confusing so ask if any questions
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2021.10.21 00:03 TerraRainesHasBrains im skipping hindi idc anymore

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2021.10.21 00:03 Calm_Window6338 Heh stupid arrow keyers

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2021.10.21 00:03 Drdankstank69 Thoughts?
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2021.10.21 00:03 thepookster17 Just Brought Pickles and Relish Home

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2021.10.21 00:03 AccomplishedTourist National Distributor Guidance (KeHE)

Looking for general distributor guidance to learn the industry. We are a reasonably small supplement brand that was accepted into KeHE. Our sample products went out to the KeHE sales team and orders will start taking place in November. This will be our first real distributor and a bit nervous about making a fatal error. We do not have a team in place for merchandising or a broker lined up. Right now our plan is to take this on internally due to limited funds which means we also won't be able to pay-to-play when the opportunities surface.
This industry is drastically different than what we have pursued previously. There are so many percentages carved out for various middle reasons. Language/dialogue is different.
Where is the best location to learn the grocery distributor industry nuances? Any recommended sub-reddits? Any words of wisdom?
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2021.10.21 00:03 rarito1050 If you could change something about your country's past, what would it be?

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2021.10.21 00:03 Notmeofficer009 Why does it feel like two sides are fighting in my head.

Over decision making, stress, anxiety or just the daily life it feels like I have two sides fighting eachother relentlessly. One moment I have my answer down next moment I began to attack myself questioning if I can do it trying desperately to defend myself. It feels like im in a constant battle of stress, the future, pain and many other things. I don’t know what to believe. I don’t believe im overreacting or just going crazy but I can’t have a simple calm thought while being attacked by my own thoughts yet trying to defend myself at the same time. It’s literally arguing with myself with no end in sight. It makes decision making almost impossible which has been a problem in my recent life. So any advice would be appreciated. I just don’t wanna argue with myself.
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2021.10.21 00:03 zer0_mass Common Walking Mistakes

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2021.10.21 00:03 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-73835

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2021.10.21 00:03 WindingRoadMuto Can y'all identify this? I'm worried if it's a brown recluse.

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2021.10.21 00:03 nira-245 Malu Trevejo side pool workout

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2021.10.21 00:03 igor6541 💋 (35)

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2021.10.21 00:03 sogalitnos Franklin Street (Midtown Kingston) Complete Street Project
Please go to the website and read the plan - and post comments
Public Comments were just extended to November 8th as the proposed plan was only released on October 11/12
In short . the entire street sidewalks will be redone ... removing an entire block of bluestone (two blocks of bluestone will be repaired and retained bec they are in the Fair historic district).
There is one block where 80% of the sidewalks are bluestone and some in excellent condition.
The plan is to remove all of this bluestone and replace with a 4-5 concrete sidewalk.
The other part of the plan is to cut down all existing trees - there are some trees that are mature but in great shape ... the replacements will be small young trees that will take decades to provide shade and habitat for birds and wildlife.
The project is funded with state and matching muncipal bond funds. This requires the city to be ADA Compliant.
The argument about removing the one block of non historic district bluestone is the expense of retaining it in ADA compliance design. However, they have to do it on the other two blocks. This is one more block .
There is no reason that the bluestone can not be retained and still meet ADA compliance - the argument from the city is that it will be a bit more money to do it. However this is tax payer money (both the state grant which comes from our state taxes and the muncipal bond) and the property owners are against it.
There have been no public meetings of the advisory committee. Nor any published minutes of those closed meetings.
There was one open house that was announced by putting a flyer in doors of the buildings on the street four days before the open house. At which there were no handouts and one plan to view. With no key or explanation of the details (like sidewalk and buffer sizes).
No mailings to property owners about the plan or how it will impact a home owner or landlord.
The only opportunity for public comment has been the one open house and the website - which for months did not post any of the public comments - only after this was pointed out did the public comments appear.
There will be no public meeting to comment on the final plan.
The last meeting of the Project Advisory Committee will be closed.
Many residents and property owners are completely unaware of the project - or at least were until the flyers appeared - HOWEVER many property owners - including landlords - may not have received the flyer that the city says they mailed (i am a property owner and did not).
There is a group of concerned street residents and citizens from other areas who are upset at this and are considering steps to get the peoples voices heard.
Message me if you are interested in helping
If you are a Kingston resident, please consider viewing the page and post to support the retaining of the historic character of Kingston (bluestone /trees) while also providing safe sidewalks.
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2021.10.21 00:03 MajicSloth To upgrade or not?

I'm curious, I'm looking at upgrading my CPU from a 2600x to a 5950 and I have a 5700xt right now. The way the market is I'm not sure if I should upgrade the 5700xt or wait. However, I'm also not sure what I'd want to go with..... Amd again or give Nvidia a go? Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated! I'll mostly be video editing and gaming on it.
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2021.10.21 00:03 swagNextTuber In Debate, Adams Acts Like Front-Runner, While Sliwa Goes on Attack

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2021.10.21 00:03 Additional-Analysis1 Simple wordpress issue that I can't fix

I had ads on my wordpress site and I am getting that error about " Earnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue."
I uploaded the file as it said to, and to be doubly sure it was there, I added it via a plugin yet no matter what, that earnings at risk message will not go away. Any idea on what could be wrong?
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2021.10.21 00:03 Idyllla Is it bad to quit without notice if it’s effecting my health with my bosses crazy schedules?

I totally get not wanting to hurt my coworkers. I’ve been there with it. We’ve been understaffed for a while and I’ve had to pick up pretty much every type of job that there is to have at my work.
I walk at least 10 miles a day and help unload trucks part of the time even tho I signed up to be a beauty advisor. Not this. It physically gets to be a lot which is one thing. But then my boss schedules me one day 11-8pm some days then 5am-2 the next and only one day off a week sometimes. I’ve been chronically sick and haven’t been able to fight off this illness and getting awful stress rashes and just look and feel terrible.
A lot of my coworkers have been chronically sick and exhausted too so I know it’s not just me. I tried to ask my boss for less hours but they said I’d have to get used to it until they can fill some positions.
I was in trouble for calling out only two days at work and I haven’t been able to take time to heal or at least have a normal schedule which would obviously help. Is it still wrong to quit without warning in this case? I feel bad and want to put in my two weeks, but I don’t know if I can do it for even that long.
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2021.10.21 00:03 breadexpert69 Are the necks on the new Fender Precision American pro 2 the same as the American Original?

Looking at both the American Original and American Pro II Precision basses. They are both listed at 1963 "C" but I remember seeing the American originals listed as Oval "C" before, could anyone with both confirm?
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2021.10.21 00:03 ConcertUnusual Any Philippinese bro here? Wouldn't it be better if baybayin characters were used in this balisong merch.

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2021.10.21 00:03 JRFit2 [self] here’s another ☺️

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2021.10.21 00:03 swagNextTuber 5 Takeaways From the First N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate

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2021.10.21 00:03 Weird-Poetry8737 Points check in the 615

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2021.10.21 00:03 MatchSurveyor [Results] Player Ratings Poll: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Madrid

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