Any clue to this? 19 inches diameter.

2021.10.20 23:23 THRIFTYPOORMAN Any clue to this? 19 inches diameter.

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2021.10.20 23:23 Sewblon Are Physicalism and Moral Realism compatible?

In other words, given that all we have to go on are the physical facts of the world, can we deduce and infer that some states of affairs are objectively preferable to other states of affairs? Which philosophers have investigated this question in depth? I ask because Physicalism is the dominant school of thought in English speaking philosophy when it comes to metaphysics, and moral realism is the dominant school of thought in English speaking philosophy when it comes to meta-ethics.
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2021.10.20 23:23 Goblinking567 Connection issues on online

So I got the game on steam and unlocked 144 fps. I finished the whole campaign on 144 fps but than I tried playing a ranked online match. It gets stuck on joining room than times out. Anybody have the same issue?🙏🙏
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2021.10.20 23:23 IndependentAd2197 Help!

I’ve been trying to trip, I’ve taken shrooms on 4 separate occasions with varying amounts (1-4.5g each time) and I’ve had no luck! Anything I’m doing wrong? Or any suggestions?
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2021.10.20 23:23 C17AIRFORCE Victoria's coronavirus cases spike to 2232 on last day of lockdown

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2021.10.20 23:23 roblocko Muy cierto.

Muy cierto.
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2021.10.20 23:22 DrinkSomeDamnWater Made a shitty bandwagon meme

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2021.10.20 23:22 Paix75001 211021 Rolling Stone: Tomorrow x Together’s Yeonjun, Taehyun Plead for Love to ‘Stay’

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2021.10.20 23:22 HotOffAltered Anyone use their 404 with a sequencer such as beatstep pro or keystep pro?

If so, how did you like the expanded capabilities for sequencing ? Was it overkill ? Or did it bring a lot of new energy to the instrument ? Below in a comment I’ll paste a lengthy/nerdy/long winded post I put in another forum just in case anyone wants to humor my obsessive questions. I haven’t found too much info yet from folks who use a beatstep pro with their 404.
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2021.10.20 23:22 hellhymn About the Nether Khakkhara

Does the Nether Khakkhara (wind weapon) stack? For example, can i equip it as a main weapon slot and have it as a soul in my mana board as well?
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2021.10.20 23:22 Sawainright Buffed No mither with unbreakable doesnt work?

So you should get 25% boost to recovery with no mither and a 35% buff with unbreakable. But when I tested it and got these values. using both perks 20.4 seconds. no mither 26.4 Unbreakable 24.4 No perk is 30.4 seconds for reference
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2021.10.20 23:22 tryingtosingbro have been having Sinusitis and post nasal drip for a year now after prolonged exposure to dust.

I moved out of my parent's house two years ago. Unfortunately being young and naive I never really vacuumed my room or cleaned up on the regular. The room was full of dust and I am very allergic to dust. In the past, I used to get asthma when exposed but I didn't get any asthma this time so I thought I was fine.
Unfortunately a year into living alone on a winter day, I slept with the heater on, and due to my allergy, the area around my nasopharynx became super dry at night. Combined with the cold I got the worst sinusitis I have ever had and to this day it is still not cured.
Now every day I wake up the nasopharynx area is sore, my turbinates are swollen all day long and I can't do anything to help myself. At any strong dust exposure I now get a blocked nose, massive postnasal drip, and feel like getting a cold within hours but no asthma. In the past, I used to get only asthma.

how can I get rid of all this? Life feels miserable like this.
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2021.10.20 23:22 melantonpsn Take pictures of all your orders before you accept them.

I got a contract violation for an order that I had picked up at 8:03 for a delivery time at 8:27.

Chatted with customer service: the quoted time, that they can see, is 8:07. But she confirmed the times when I accepted and picked up the order.
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2021.10.20 23:22 Sophiamariek This bear at the Minnesota Zoo was unphased by the downpour

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2021.10.20 23:22 Woody2468 Side hustle or career change?

Hey all, apologies if this comes across as a vague, long-winded sort of question, but anyway…
So I’ve recently started a new job which has a 2/2 roster - away for 2 weeks, home for 2 weeks. For what it’s worth, I’m an electrician and it’s it the mining industry.
I figure that the 2 weeks I have at home are too valuable to just piss away, so I intend on focussing on the 3 F’s: family, fitness and finances. Family will consist of alleviating my wife from looking after the kids, keeping my house and yards in good order etc, fitness is pretty self explanatory and then finances.
So I’m looking for some ideas as to some potential side hustles that you guys have started, and either succeeded or failed at.
Another idea that I’m entertaining is a career change, or at least diversion. As mentioned, I’m an electrician, and don’t want to be on the tools til I retire, so I’m considering a business management or project management degree to enable me to earn more as I get to my later years.
I’m also hoping to open a discussion about what has/hasn’t worked for you when changing career directions, and other things such as if you had your time again, what would you do differently?
Cheers, hope that makes sense.
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2021.10.20 23:22 knm1977 Maybe get a real job and quit having a litter of kids you can’t support.

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2021.10.20 23:22 dwelch891 Takeaways from the Cavs and Grizzlies game

  1. The Cavs made it a game! We were within 1 point in the lady 2 minutes.
  2. Ja has ice in his goddamn veins. He single handedly buried us. Props to him, he did a really good job.
  3. Thus far the Grizzlies trust Adams to close games. That might be important in such center heavy league.
  4. Our young guys made mistakes that hurt us down the stretch, which is to be expected.
  5. Lauri balled out at the end of the fourth, as did Garland.
Overall a good game for everybody.
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2021.10.20 23:22 _strange_metalhead Before and After

Before and After
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2021.10.20 23:22 ColossusofNero Ink Master 9 winner Bubba Irwin/ Old Town Ink/ Mesa, AZ

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2021.10.20 23:22 Jumpy-Face5269 The turbines

What's the deal with turbines and mooncoin? Can anyone explain?
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2021.10.20 23:22 HeccerTheRedditor Unpopular Opinion: Explore mode in Spirits is funny as fuck

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2021.10.20 23:22 VikingDruid About Deathslinger

I recently returned to DBD and picked right up on Deathslinger first thing, he wasn't top of the game but he wasnt horrible either. I managed to get into Iridescent rank using him primarily but since this latest update and overall nerf to him it's been quite difficult to go even as him, especially being on console. So why not change his ability around, perhaps applying exposed to survivors that break free from his chain and still apply Deep Wound to survivors he hits on chain.
This, in my opinion, wouldn't be an end all be all but could liven up playing as him, giving him more option on "Do I let them break free or do I get the hit?" depending on the circumstance. Perhaps making him more useful for hitting people through windows and breaks in walls. What do you all think about this idea?
Is it good, bad or am I, myself just bad?
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2021.10.20 23:22 clip_mirror_bot botez fart

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2021.10.20 23:22 Animationguy2021 A resident evil : village movie

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