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2022.01.17 18:39 Cherrylrobs ONLINE MATH & STATISTICS TUTOR HELP. Hire me! an expert verified tutor to take your Online Classes, HW, Quizzes, Projects, Discussion Posts, Mid & Final Exams!

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Discord: Sharpe#4190
Thank you. You're welcome
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2022.01.17 18:39 redxeelo 900 pro x vs 1990 pro

I want to buy one of these but honestly i'm stucked Which of these is the best? (Comfort, frequency response, stereo image etc...)
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2022.01.17 18:39 TechnomancerThirteen Advisor Voice Bug

Ive scoured the internet and havent found any answers as of yet, but this morning I started a new pre-made race campaign. All of my PC settings and Stellaris voice and text settings are set to English, but when soething happens in game ie research completed, system surveyed, etc the voice that comes through is in a different language. If i change the advisor type (hive mid or necroid as an example) the voice type changes, but the language never goes back to what I have set as defaults. I didnt muck with any settings and Im trying to see if theres something I may have missed. At this time, I just started a file repair in Steam so we will see if that fixes.
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2022.01.17 18:39 weierdme What makes you feel high without using drugs?

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2022.01.17 18:39 altitude-nerd Sizing a new gravel frame? - quick sanity check (question in first comment)

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2022.01.17 18:39 BornaBes00 A terrible storm hit my town while I was in school (Part 2)

Part 1:

“Find the one with your name on the doors,” our teacher told us. “There’s a bathroom at the end of the room. You have the rest of the day free for now.”
Melena and I had our bed areas next to each other. The first two letters of our surnames were the same, so we were one after the other in the alphabetical list.
“I only hope that we got cozy beds,” Catharine told me.
I didn’t reply. I didn’t really have anything to add to that, but my friends got used to it. After I opened the door, I saw a bed, a table with a lamp, a chair, and a closet. Honestly, I was surprised how much stuff they managed to push into that area. They were quite large and did give us privacy, but they were still a bit cramped after all of that was put in. The table was just next to the head side of the bed and the closet was next to it. I threw my backpack and jacket onto the table.
“How’s your box, Melena?” Christina asked me.
The wooden walls didn’t go all the way up to the ceiling. Instead, they stopped about a foot below it so we could just speak to each other while we were in our boxes. We immediately started calling them boxes because there wasn’t really a name for it… and they did look like boxes. I opened the closet and was met with a sight of different clothing which was the right size for me. I remember the school asked our parents about it, but students didn’t know what it was about.
“Don’t open the closet,” I told Catherine. “You won’t like it.”
“It can’t be that ba...” she stopped abruptly. “Oh God,” she sighed.
It made me smile.
“Will we seriously need to wear these?” she asked.
“At least it’ll be clean clothes,” I told her.
We settled in and unpacked our backpacks. We chose not to put on our uniforms immediately because no one told us we need to. Some of the other girls did, but not many of them.
“The lunch starts in 5 minutes,” the principal announced through the public address system. “It will last for an hour and a half.”
The food we got wasn’t anything special. Just casual school food. As plain as it can be. My friend group and I sat by a table together. Before I started eating, I looked around and tried to find Jol between a sea of students. Suddenly, my eyes caught her hair. Not really hard to notice it because of how different it was. She was looking around trying to find me. I raised my hand to help her find me. When she saw me, she smiled and started walking towards us.
“Who’s that?” asked Toby.
“A new friend,” I told him. “Principal’s daughter.”
He looked at me with an expression of confusion and surprise.
“How do you two know each other?” Carmen asked me.
“We met at the principal’s office,” I answered.
I saw that she was about to ask me something, but I predicted what it was.
“No, I don’t know why she was there,” I told her. “But there is something that she heard a janitor say. I can confirm that what she heard was true.”
Toby, Carmen, and Natalie looked at each other and then back at me.
“What do you mean?” Natalie asked.
Before I could answer, Jol came up to us.
“Hey,” I told her. “Sit here,” I moved to the side to make some space for her.
She sat down putting her food on the table.
“Toby, Carmen, Natalie, this is Jol,” I said. “Jol, Toby, Carmen, Natalie,” I said pointing at each of them while mentioning their name.
“Nice to meet you Jol,” Toby said. “But what exactly did you hear from the janitor?”
Jol looked at him startled and then turned towards me.
“You told them?” she asked.
“Catharine and Julian know,” I told her. “These three don’t,” I pointed at Toby, Carmen, and Natalie with my head.
“Don’t worry,” Natalie said. “We won’t tell anybody.”
“Okay,” Jol said. “The front door was broken open from the outside and someone entered the school.”
“What!?” Toby exclaimed.
There was silence for some time before Toby and Carmen started laughing. Typical for them. They had the same reactions to anything.
“I... I think that she’s telling the truth,” Natalie said with a trace of fear in her voice.
“I saw that the door was open,” I told them. “I didn’t see that it was broken because I was too far, but the janitor did look surprised and frightened by what he saw.”
As soon as I said that, smiles disappeared from Toby’s and Carmen’s faces.
“They could be in here. With us. Waiting,” Julian clearly tried scaring the rest of us. “Waiting for the right moment to attack,” he exaugurated. “Honestly,” he said with a serious tone. “I’m starting to believe that.”
We all looked at him. He noticed it.
“What?” he asked.
“It’s like you only want to make us more uncomfortable just for the sake of it,” Natalie told him.
“Hey Melena is the one who gave us the idea of someone hiding between us,” said Julian. “Don’t blame me for that.”
“It doesn’t matter who’s to blame for this,” Catharine told all of us. “We should be on high alert and report anything suspicious to each other.”
“Jol,” Natalie called her. “Maybe you could... you know... spy on the principal.”
“Maybe I could,” Jol said. “I will try.”
After three days have passed, the weather outside still didn’t calm down. Everyone could notice that there was something wrong. No one knew what it was, but the storm and the tornado shouldn’t have lasted so long. However, we haven’t found out anything about the broken door. Jol overheard the principal talking to teachers and school staff about it and told them to keep an eye on everyone. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, nothing suspicious was found. Everyone acted normal and everyone went to this school.
At that point, I started to think that this was just the doing of the storm. It was an exceptionally strong storm. It didn’t cause us any problems in here, in the bunker. We had enough food, water, and everything you’d need to survive. However, the principal and some teachers thought of going out to check out the school and to see if it was as bad as we were told outside. But they decided not to for now. We stayed down here only a day longer than what was predicted.
“Maybe the janitor was wrong,” Julian told us. “I mean, maybe the lock wasn’t broken. It might have looked like that.”
“I doubt that,” I told him.
We found a table in the library that wasn’t already taken. Usually, all the tables are taken because people didn’t really know where else to hang out. There was a room with basketball and tennis courts. There was one of each plus a few basketball hoops on the wall next to the basketball court. But there are only so many people that can fit in there at once. So, when we found a table that wasn’t already taken, we were more than surprised. The first three days we found somewhere to sit on the floor. It maybe wasn’t the best option, but it was the only thing we could do. But this time we got lucky.
“I want you to be right, Julian,” Jol said. “But I just can’t accept it. I think whoever came in is in here with us. The only problem I have with this theory is why would they not already do what they wanted to do?”
Jol fit in well with us. The rest of the group quickly grew fond of her. She fit right in.
“Maybe they know that they’d be found out easily after all of this was finished,” said Natalie. “Maybe the person, whoever it is, knows that if they did it know, it would be easy for us to find out that it was them.”
“That does make sense, I guess,” Julian said.
“Whoever it was, they must have stayed here with us,” Carmen explained. “That is if they even got in. Maybe they stayed outside.”
“I’d say that that’s unlikely,” I replied. “There was no way that they didn’t hear the principal’s announcement.”
After I said that, silence overtook our conversation. We just looked at each other showing clear discomfort and seeing fear in each other’s eyes. I got uncomfortable about it and looked down at the table. I usually don’t get anxious around my friends, but this time I did. I waited for one of them to say something, but none of them did.
“I got to go to the bathroom,” Toby said breaking the silence. “Maybe you guys should try figuring something more while I’m in there.”
“We didn’t figure anything by now,” Catharine said angrily. “What makes you think that we’ll be able to think of something now?”
“Okay, okay, chill down,” he said. “I’ll try to think about it as well.”
After he left, the silence continued. I noticed that everyone was either looking at the table or at each other. All of us except Catharine. She had her arms crossed and sat there looking around and checking people that were either passing or sitting next to us.
“I can’t do this anymore,” she said after a few minutes of silence. “I’ll get myself a book or something. It’ll make time pass faster at least a little bit.”
“I’m going with you,” Natalie said.
“Me too,” Jol said. “Melena, you want to come?” she asked me.
“Huh...” I didn’t expect anyone to speak to me. “Yeah... yeah, I guess. I’ll go with you.”
Julian and Carmen were left by the table alone. Just then I realized why Jol asked me if I wanted to go with them. Carmen and Julian seemed like they liked each other so we left them to develop their relationship.
“Maybe we could find something useful,” Catharine said.
“And what would that be?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” she replied and we just continued checking the bookshelves.
“Ooh, ooh,” Jol explained after a minute of us checking the books. “Maybe this could be of some help.”
It was a book about the history of our school with a small supplement about the history of our town.
“Why would that help?” Catharine asked. “And look at how old it is. It’s probably older than the 3 of us combined.”
“I’ll take it,” Jol said. “We might find a use for it after all.”
Catharine let out a soft and quiet sign and continued searching for a book that could be interesting. She found one, but I can’t quite remember what book it was, but it’s not important. The important part is that we returned to the table. Carmen and Julian seemed like they had their time so we could join them again.
“Did you find anything interesting?” Carmen asked happily.
It was clear that something happened between the two while we were away.
“No, not really,” Christine said. “Just some boring old books.”
“I found a book about this school’s and this town’s history,” Jol proudly informed them.
“Wow. That must be interesting,” he said sarcastically.
Jol sighed and started reading the book. I and Catharine did the same. I don’t remember what Carmen and Julian did, but I know that they stayed by the table. We were silent for about half an hour when we heard Toby bursting into the library. He ran in out of nowhere.
“Guys!” he shouted.
Everyone that was in the library looked at him. The librarian looked at him, put a finger on her mouth, and shooshed him.
“I’m sorry,” he said lifting his hand like he was about to wave to her.
He started walking towards us panting. Some people still had their eyes pointed at him and chuckled, but quickly returned back to what they were doing before. Toby sat down between Catharine and Julian and took some time to take in some air.
“You need some water, dude,” Julian asked him.
“No need,” Toby said. “Just need to catch some air.”
“You have anything to tell us?” Natalie asked.
“Wait for a second,” Catharine said. “I didn’t even notice how long you were gone.”
“Thank you,” he replied. “Really shows how much my friend cares about me.”
Catharine chuckled.
“I tried eavesdropping on the principal,” he told us.
“No offense,” said Jol. “But I’ve been doing that for the past three days and I haven’t found anything.”
“Well did you hear him speak to someone on his phone?” he asked Jol.
He surprised all of us. We all looked at each other and leaned closer.
“Continue,” Natalie told him.
“When I was finished with the bathroom, I was planning to return here,” he lifted his arm and poked the table with his finger while saying that. “But, while passing next to the principal, I overheard one of the teachers telling him that someone called the phone in his office. They picked it up and a man with a sturdy and rough voice said that he needs to speak to the principal directly.
He took in a deep breath.
“You know what,” he said looking at Julian. “I would actually like some water.”
Julian handed him a bottle he got in the cafeteria earlier during lunch. There was half of it left. Toby opened the bottle and drank all of it.
“Why are you so tired?” I asked him.
“I’ll tell you at the end of the story,” Toby replied while giving Julian his bottle back.
Julian took the bottle, looked at it, and put it on the table.
“Why did you give me an empty bottle back?” he asked Julian.
“Shut up, Julian,” Jol told him. “Continue, Toby.”
“The principal went to his office and I followed him a bit further away so that he wouldn’t see me. The teacher went back to the teacher’s lounge or to her class. When the principal entered his office, he left the door to close by themselves which let me follow him in quickly and silently,” he said.
“Don’t you think that’s a bit much, toby?” Carmen told him. “What if our parents find out about it? They’ll drag me into this as well.”
“When you hear what I heard, you won’t give a shit about what our parents will do,” Toby told her.
It scared Carmen and the rest of us. We didn’t know what to expect.
“I hid behind an armchair and listened to the conversation. He put it on the speaker because his office is noise isolated so no one would be able to hear the conversation from the outside. But from the inside...” he stopped for a second. “Well, that’s a different situation.”
“Are you going to tell us what you heard or what?” I asked him.
“I’m getting there. So, I stayed hidden and listened. The voice of the man he was talking to was deep and raspy and would have scared me if what he told the principal already didn’t,” he looked around, sighed, and leaned forward.
We leaned in as well and waited for him to tell us.
“That thing out there...” he stopped out there. “It’s not a normal storm. The dude was from the army and said that there’s something in the storm. He said that we shouldn’t leave the bunker and that they aren’t coming to save us. The thing in the storm is insanely dangerous, but they won’t deal with it because people mustn’t know about it. He threatened the principal and told him that if the rumor of it spreads, they will kill him.”
We were left shocked and speechless when he was finished. We didn’t know how to reply to that. It sounded so fake and untrue, but also so real and true. I mean, it sounded to cliché for us to believe in it, but we somehow knew that it was the truth. Toby took in a deep breath.
“The principal asked about the broken lock and the man on the phone confirmed that it probably was the creature,” Toby told us. “He also said that we shouldn’t panic if we haven’t found the creature. He also said that they’ll be sending in someone to deal with the creature.”
“We shouldn’t panic?” Natalie whispered. “Are you insane? There’s a thing out there and we shouldn’t panic? What if it somehow got in here while we did? And even if it didn’t, how can we be sure that anyone outside the school is safe?” Her arms started shaking. “How can we not panic?”
She kept on rambling about how it’s impossible to stay calm after hearing that.
“Listen to me,” Toby told her. “I don’t know. I don’t know how you could stay calm? I didn’t, but I’m trying to do the best I can. And all of you should as well. If not for your own sake, do it so that others wouldn’t go nuts. Okay?”
Natalie nodded back at him. It seemed like him saying that calmed her down a bit. It calmed the rest of us.
“Good. Now let me finish everything,” he said. “When the conversation was over, the principal turned away and started pouring some drink into a glass. I took the opportunity and ran for the door. I quickly opened the door and jumped out of the room before closing the door. I could hear the principal call after me, but he didn’t use my real name. He didn’t recognize me.”
“That’s a relief,” said Carmen.
“I saw some guys standing there trying to find someone who’d play basketball with them so I joined them to avoid the principal,” Toby continued. “I played one game with them and ran here. That’s why I was out of breath.”
“You put effort into playing?” Julian asked him.
“Well, if I already play, why wouldn’t I play to win?” Toby asked.
“There’s something wrong with you, man,” Catharine said. “You learn about all of that and the first thing you do is play basketball?”
“Well...” Toby started.
“You could have just left the game,” Jol told him.
“Stop,” Toby said frustrated. “That’s not important. What is important is..:”
Once again, he was interrupted.
“Toby,” the principal called after him. “Go to my office. And the rest of you too.”
He was standing at the entrance to the library and when he shouted Toby’s name, everyone turned their look towards him. The principal just stood there. The expression he had on his face wasn’t that of anger, but of disappointment. It got even worse when he saw that Jol was with us.
We were terrified of what was about to happen. We all stood up and pushed the chairs under the table. We started closing the books and were about to return them when the principal started speaking.
“Don’t return them,” he said. “You’ll be back soon. Make sure that the table isn’t taken,” he told the librarian and looked back towards us.
He left the library and disappeared behind the wall.
“We should escape,” said Julian.
“Where to, you fucking idiot?” Catharine replied. “We’re in a bunker.”
Julian didn’t reply. Everyone in the library kept their eyes on us and it made me feel even more uncomfortable. I immediately felt a bit better because no one was paying any attention to us. The principal entered his office and left the doors open. One of the teachers noticed it.
“What did you kids do?” she whispered to herself.
I was the last to get in so I closed the door.
“Sit,” the principal told us while pointing at the couch and armchairs in front of his table.
Toby sat on the armchair on the left. Probably the one he hid behind earlier. Catharine sat on the one on the right while the rest of us somehow managed to squeeze ourselves on the couch. I sat between Carmen and Jol and it got quite warm quickly. I don’t know what was the bigger contributor to that. Our bodies, or the fact that each of us was panicking?
“I assume you know why you are here,” the principal told us.
“No,” Toby said trying to play stupid. “We don’t.”
“You were in here not so long ago, right?” the principal looked at him. “You heard the entire conversation I had with that gentleman on the other side,” he turned towards the rest of us. “And you’ve told all of them.”
Toby didn’t say anything. He was silent and by that, he told the principal that he was right.
“How did you get in?” the principal asked him. “I want to know.”
“I sneaked in before the door was fully closed,” Toby replied. “I hid behind this armchair and when you weren’t looking, I escaped.”
“And why would you try something like that?” asked the principal. “I don’t remember doing anything that would anger you or force you to come in here. I mean, I believe that I’m good...”
“I eavesdropped on your conversation with the janitor,” Jol interrupted him. “I was bored waiting, so I tried to listen to your conversation. I heard that the lock on the doors was broken from outside.”
“I was the first to notice it,” I said before the principal could scold Jol. “Well, I didn’t see that the lock was broken because I was too far away, but I was the first to notice that the door was open. The janitor saw me and after showing that the door was open, he went to check it out. He brought me to the waiting room after finding out that the lock was broken.”
He kept looking at me and Jol and sighed after a few seconds.
“It’s not your fault,” he said. “Everyone would’ve done the same. However, you need to keep it a secret. No one should know about this, okay?”
We all nodded.
“I decided that if the storm doesn’t stop tomorrow, three teachers and I will go outside to check the school,” he said. “There’s something fishy going on outside. Maybe the creature they mentioned doesn’t even exist and is just a cover-up for a government or military mistake.”
This somehow unnerved us even more. I guess it’s because, before this, there was a small hope that the creature doesn’t exist and that nothing’s going on outside. But hearing what he said, there are only two possibilities out there, and both are terrible.
“You can’t do that,” said Toby.
“I can, and I will,” the principal told him. “It might be stupid, but we are dying to know what’s outside. I feel like we were lied to and I need to check it out. The three teachers that will go with us have the same reason.”
“It’s a suicide mission,” Natalie said.
“We don’t know that yet,” the principal said. “If you want to watch us leave and wait for us to return, and I know that you do, get to the staircase at 2 AM tomorrow. That would be all. Any questions?”
“When did you tell the teachers?” Natalie asked the principal.
“Just before I found you,” he replied. “Is that all?” he asked waiting to see if anyone had anything else to ask.
“Can I go with you?” Toby asked.
We looked at him and thought that he was insane.
“No. In no way would I take you outside,” the principal replied. “We don’t know what’s outside. And you said it yourself, it could be a suicide mission and I’m not about to let a kid die.”
The room was filled with silence. Toby didn’t reply and no one had anything to add to the conversation.
I guess we’re finished here, then,” the principal said. “You can return to the library now. Your seats should be free.”
We left the room speechless. What just happened? Our principal said that there’s no good way out of this. It’s either getting killed by a creature or by your own government. We slowly got back to the table and sat on the chairs we were sitting on earlier. While getting to the table, some students looked at us, but most of them ignored us. The books were still where we left them.
“What now?” Julian asked.
“I don’t know,” replied Catharine. “I guess we just wait.”
“You guys don’t want to go out there?” Toby asked. “You are not interested in what’s out there?”
We all looked at him.
“We are,” I said. “But we are more interested in keeping our life.”
While we were talking, we heard someone dragging a chair on the ground. Fortunately, the library floor was covered with a carpet so the dragging didn’t make that disgusting sound. We all turned towards the sound and saw Darrick dragging a chair towards us. He’s the kid that overheard me speaking about the broken lock in the classroom.
“What do you want?” Julian asked him aggressively.
“Not much,” Darrick replied. “I just want to know what did the principal tell you.”
“Why do you care?” Catharine asked him. “Why do you care?” he stopped for a few seconds. “And it’s so boring in here. I already know about the broken lock. I overheard Melena talking about it.”
Toby looked at me with a slightly angry expression.
“Don’t you give me that look,” I told him. “I was telling Julian and Catharine about it. And you are the one who got us in trouble with the principal.”
“Of course. Who else would cause that other than Toby?” Darrick chuckled. “Now, is anybody going to tell me what the principal told you or should I tell everyone about the broken lock?”
“People wouldn’t believe you, Darrick,” Natalie told him.
“Maybe not, but they’ll talk about it,” he put on a smug smile. “But people would talk about it and the principal would hear it. Any you guys are the only ones who he would blame.”
We really didn’t like that guy, but he gave us no options. We needed to tell him. The problem was that nobody wanted to be the only one to tell him.
“Come on guys,” he said. “The clock is ticking.”
We looked at each other and then Julian sighed.
“There’s something out there,” Julian whispered loud enough for Darrick to hear him, but still quiet enough so that anyone who wasn’t sitting by the table didn’t hear him. “Roaming in the storm. That’s at least what the principal was told. There’s also a possibility that it’s just the government. He was told that they are sending someone to deal with the creature.”
Darrick’s expression turned from a creepy smile to an emotionless one. It seemed like his eyes turned lifeless as well.
“What?” he asked angrily. “What did you say?”
“They are sending someone to deal with the creature,” Julian said. “Are you okay, man? You seem kinda off.”
Darrick shook his head and the creepy smile appeared again. His eyes, however, stayed lifeless and emotionless.
“Sorry, I just got scared,” Darrick replied to Julian. “I need to go now. See you later.”
We kept our eyes on him while he was leaving the library.
“That was weird,” Toby said.
“And creepy,” Carmen added. “I mean, he is a bit creepy usually, but not like this.”
“Do you think it scared him so much?” Jol asked.
“That would be the only logical explanation,” Natalie answered.
“Logical went out the door with the broken lock,” I told them. “I think he knows something more.”
“He stopped after we mentioned that they’re sending someone to deal with the monster,” Natalie pointed out. “Maybe he knows something about it.”
“Didn’t he say that his dad was in the FBI or something?” Catharine asked.
“Not FBI,” Toby replied. “He was in the army.”
“So, the army could be involved?” Jol asked.
“There’s only one way to find that out,” Toby told us.
“NO,” Catharine exclaimed. “We are not going out there. Learning what’s going on isn’t worth losing our lives.”
“But we wouldn’t lose our lives,” replied Toby.
“You don’t know that,” Julian told him. “What’s wrong with you, man. Even I don’t want to go out there.”
“We would go with the principal and the teachers,” Toby tried to explain. “They would look after us. They wouldn’t let us...”
“They wouldn’t let us go with them,” Catharine said.
“They wouldn’t let us get killed,” Toby continued. “And we wouldn’t go too far. It would be still close enough so that we could quickly run back to the bunker if we needed to.”
“Are you listening to yourself?” Catharine asked him. “It’s too dangerous and the rest of us never agreed to do it.”
“Guys...” Jol tried to tell us something, but he was too quiet and no one heard her over the arguing.
“Are you listening to yourself?” Toby returned. “There’s probably the biggest secret the government is hiding just out there and what you want to do is just sit here and wait.”
“Guys...” Jol tried to get everyone’s attention once more.
“Once more, Toby, you are insane,” Natalie told him. “Finding that secret won't get you anything.”
“GUYS,” Jol said it loud enough for everyone to stop arguing and look at her. “I found something.”
“What are you talking about?” Toby asked. “We are having an argument here. Don’t interrupt...”
“In 1964,” Jol interrupted Toby. “A terrible storm hit the town. The clouds that covered the sky were so thick that the town and the surrounding area didn’t see the sun for the entire duration of the storm which lasted for 10 days.”
Nobody said the thing while she was reading from the book.
“Tornadoes came with the storm as well. There were 13 casualties and few of the homes were destroyed,” she read. “But some of the homes with casualties weren’t hit by the tornadoes. The casualties in those homes were mauled to death. One of those houses was found with unlocked doors, one with a broken window, and one with...” Jol suddenly stopped.
“What does it say?” I asked her.
She looked me into my eyes and then turned her head back towards the book.
“And one with a broken lock,” she read. “Police explained them as animal attacks and murders,” she pushed the book away and looked up at us. “It doesn’t say anything else.”
“They weren’t animal attacks,” Natalie said. “They couldn’t have been.”
“So, it was a psychopath?” Julian asked.
“Or the creature,” Toby replied.
“Or the government,” Catharine said.
“It wasn’t the government,” Natalie replied. “If it was the government, there would be no mess. Only people would be missing.”
“Whatever it was, it wasn’t good,” Jol stated. “And it isn’t good now. I doubt that we can do anything about it.”
“Maybe we should just see what happens when the principal goes out with the teachers,” I said. “I hope that it’s just a very bad storm.”
“We all do,” Carmen said.
After an hour or so, others left while Jol, Catharine, and I stayed by the table.
“I’m scared,” Jol told the two of us. “I can’t just wait here. It’s just too much for me. New town, new school, new people... and after all that, this happens.”
She teared up. She put her sleeves around her fists and used them to wipe her tears. Her makeup started to run down and colored her sleeves.
“It’s okay,” Catharine said while standing up, walking up to Jol, and hugging her. “You don’t have to be scared. All this will be finished soon,” she said looking me into my eyes. “We’ll get through this together. We have each other.”
I could see tears forming in Catharine’s eyes. I didn’t know whether it was because she was scared or so sorry for Jol. But I did know that she wanted me to notice it.
“We will get through this, Jol,” I told her looking into Catharine’s eyes. “If you are scared or sad, we are here to help you. That's what friends are for, isn’t it?”
“I guess you are right,” Jol replied.
Catharine let her out of her hug and wiped the tears from her eyes quickly so that Jol wouldn’t see them. Jol wiped her tears as well, but it was much slower. She took a look at the clock on the wall.
“It’s getting late,” she said. “I’m going to my box now.”
Catharine and I took a look at the clock. It was somehow already 10:16 PM.
“We should get some sleep as well,” Catharine told Jol. “We need to wake up early to watch them leave.”
“I’ll try to wake up,” Jol said. “If I'm not out by 2:10 AM, I’m not coming.”
“We’ll walk with you to your room,” I told her.
The two of us followed her to her room. After saying good night to her, we turned around and walked back to our room. We entered and noticed that most of the people were already in their boxes. Some were in the bathroom, but the rule was that we need to be in the boxes by 10:30. No one was sent to check whether we were, so we could go into each other’s boxes. However, we couldn’t go out of the room because it would be too loud.
We came across Julian talking to another guy by the entrance of the room. They finished their conversation and the guy left to his box.
“Don’t forget to wake up at 2 AM,” Catharine told him.
“I won’t,” he replied. “It’s too exciting to do so,” he said winking at me.
“You’re excited for something else,” I told him.
“You’re good,” he replied. “I’ll be leaving my box before that.”
Catharine turned her head towards me and then back towards Julian.
“You’re going to Carmen?” she asked him.
“Bingo,” he exclaimed. “It’s going to be a wonderful night.”
“Yeah, yeah,” I replied. “Only thing I can tell you is to have a good night.”
“Thank you, Melena,” he smirked and started walking backward. “Me too,” he said.
“Me too?” I asked Catharine. “What is he talking about?”
She lifted her shoulders. When he disappeared out of sight, we turned around and started walking to our boxes. Mine was closer to the entrance. I opened the doors and went in.
“Good night,” I said before trying to close the doors.
“Wait,” Catharine whispered before grabbing the door and stopping me from closing them.
She pulled the door open and looked me into my eyes. I could see fear in her eyes, but there was also excitement.
“Fuck it,” she whispered. “I already started it.”
She stepped in and slowly and quietly closed the doors. She stood very close to me. Only about 6 inches away. She was about 6 inches shorter than me, so I needed to look down to look into her eyes. I tried stepping backward and apologizing for not moving out of her way. But before I could, she grabbed my hips, pulled me closer, stood on her toes, and kissed me. It was a slow kiss, but it ended quickly. Only after a second, she pulled her head an inch backward but kept it close to mine. Her eyes still kept looking into mine. Her hand still rested on my hips.
“I’m sorry,” she looked away whispered while stepping back and pulling her arms away. “I just needed to do it,” she looked back into my eyes. “You know... if this is the end,” she whispered so that no one would hear us.
I stood there looking at her. I didn’t know how to reply. She waited for a reply, but I didn’t have one.
“Are you okay?” Catharine whispered.
Only then, I was able to reply.
“I’m sorry, Catharine,” I told her. “I don’t think it’s the right time for that.”
“I get it,” she said looking down at the floor.
“I’m not saying that I’m not interested in it, but that I’m just not ready to start in this situation,” I told her.
While I was saying that, she looked back at me and smiled.
“But... maybe you could stay here,” I told her. “I mean, we could wait until 2 AM here, together.”
“I’d love that,” she replied.
I sat on my bed and Catharine set next to me. I looked at her eyes and I don’t know what happened at that moment, but the only thing my body allowed me to do is to get closer to Catharine and softly kiss her. She returned the kiss. She pushed me onto my bed. I lied down on the bed, and she lied down next to me.
“If only I have kissed you sooner,” she told me while putting her hand on my cheek.
“It’s not important when you’ve asked me,” I whispered while putting my hand on hers. “It’s important that you’ve asked.”
We laid there for some time just looking at each other. Catharine quickly fell asleep, but I couldn’t. I just continued looking at her. Suddenly, I heard a soft and quiet banging noise. It wasn’t enough to wake up Catharine or anyone else in their boxes. I tried looking around my box, but I didn’t see anything out of ordinary. Then, that noise repeated a few times. I wanted to check the outside, but I would have woken Catharine up if I did, so I decided not to. I heard the noise for few more times with only a few seconds in between. I thought that that would be the last that I’ll hear of it, but after about 10 minutes, I heard it again. Once more, there was the same sound repeating again and again with only a second or even less in between. It did much more than just creep me out. I was straight up sweating worse than ever before.
“What’s going on?” Catharine barely managed to whisper.
“It’s nothing,” I lied while looking around. “Go back to sleep.”
She fell asleep immediately. I still stayed awake. I just couldn’t fall asleep after those sounds. I knew that something was wrong, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. I stayed up the entire night. The adrenaline didn’t allow me to rest for even a second. I passed some time by playing an offline video game on my phone, but I grew bored of it pretty quickly. I just kept switching between looking at Catharine and looking around the box.
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2022.01.17 18:39 DiligentAstronaut807 People that can’t feel pain can walk on broken legs just as easily as unbroken ones

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2022.01.17 18:39 trbatuhankara [BFH] All radio songs and in-line on car. Some musics missed and Shazam cant found

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2022.01.17 18:39 Kingfalah4321 [ps4] W:600 souls of a great Champion please H:5$ psn card

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2022.01.17 18:39 CoolVideo4U Warren Buffett on Howard Marks and his letters: "When I see memos from Howard Marks in my mail, they're the first thing I open and read. I always learn something". Howard Marks | The Truth about Investing | What's Important & What's Not.

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2022.01.17 18:39 Crafty_Stranger5840 2 Year Hybrid Programs

Anyone currently in or graduated from a 2 year hybrid program? Im debating it but i was wondering if anyone feels that their education was any bit compromised because they chose this route over the conventional route. Do employers look at this differently than going to a regular school? any pros and cons would be v appreciated.
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2022.01.17 18:39 Ol_bagface Whats wouldnt you do even for giant amounts of money?

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2022.01.17 18:39 Yellibruv14 Heart and breathing issues for 11 months

So since February of 2021 I have had very weird heart and breathing issues. My heart freaks out like crazy with any sort of exertion even walking and I get short of breath quite easily. It doesn’t just happen during exercise, like my heart can just be racing and having shortness of breath. All heart tests were normal except a right heart cath which showed extremely low filling pressures and hypovolumia. I drink a ton of fluids already and am always thirsty but my doctors are still puzzled to if something else is going on. They want me to go to Cleveland clinic which I hope to this summer. TILT table negative, but I was assymptomatic that day. I have also had facial swelling/moon face through all of this with Cushing symptoms but my cortisol was low but they did a stimulation test which showed it returned to normal. Lately my symptoms have been 10x worse with horrible breathing and heart issues. ER wants me to follow up with cardio. D Dimer and Tropinin all negative this week. Let me know if anyone has any ideas
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2022.01.17 18:39 Automatic-Use2566 When was the dimeo crime family at it's strongest?

My thinking is season 2 when it had Richie and furio
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2022.01.17 18:39 Adotkilla_1 Knee Pain

I’ve been getting pain in my left knee that last few rides. It’s right around where the quad attaches to the knee.
Last two rides have been relatively high intensity for the first hour or so and the pain seems to worsen as I ride.
From the little bit if research I’ve done it seems to be tendinitis. Anyone else have experience with similar pain?
FWIW I had Lymes disease as a kid and one of my knees got super swollen. I can’t remember which knee it was but I think it was the other knee. They’ve always seemed a little swollen in general so I’m wondering if that could be a factor.
Any help or advice is really appreciated.
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2022.01.17 18:39 HiildRoungly 🚀OceanCare🚀 - Next 1000x moonshot - launching now - liquidity locked - 100bnb marketing

🌊🌊🌊OceanCare🌊🌊🌊 🚀STEALTH LAUNCHED TODAY🚀 🤝Welcome to OceanCare, we’re building a community of people who want to help the environment by clearing the oceans🤝 📊Tokenomics📊: 100,000,000,000 Total Supply 90% of tokens burned🔥 15% liquidity fee Liquidity locked for 1 year🔐 Owner Renounced✅ 🌊To show our support to this project, we will donating 2% of all fees directly to ocean cleaning charities! 🔜Roadmap🔜: ✅ - Fairlaunch with strong marketing and build up community to 1000 members ✅ - Listings on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and more ✅ - Build to 5000 members and start building our very own OceanCare charity organisation ✅ - 10000 members and we will aim to clean 1 ton of ocean waste for every 100$ of tokens bought 🚀STEALTH LAUNCHED TODAY🚀 🤝Welcome to OceanCare, we’re building a community of people who want to help the environment by clearing the oceans🤝 📊Tokenomics📊: 100,000,000,000 Total Supply 90% of tokens burned🔥 15% liquidity fee Liquidity locked for 1 year🔐 Owner Renounced✅ 🌊To show our support to this project, we will donating 2% of all fees directly to ocean cleaning charities! 🔜Roadmap🔜: ✅ - Fairlaunch with strong marketing and build up community to 1000 members ✅ - Listings on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and more ✅ - Build to 5000 members and start building our very own OceanCare charity organisation ✅ - 10000 members and we will aim to clean 1 ton of ocean waste for every 100$ of tokens bought 🔐Contract : 0x3542804bEA2fB6E0C8C806acCC10aF443d4266BB 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : 🔒 Liquidity locked :
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2022.01.17 18:39 MaDudeek Please help

I have 17 hours on the game. Bronze 5 humans destroy me so bad they might think im a bot.
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2022.01.17 18:39 TheWerbinator Is this Aeron worth it?

Is this Aeron worth it? $450 for this Aeron, not too old. Trying to educate myself on what is a good deal and what isn't, but simply don't have the expertise to tell if this is a deal.
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