How is the token swap performed❓

2022.01.17 18:30 XXPlatform How is the token swap performed❓

How is the token swap performed❓ By token swap, holders of tokens from a third-party blockchain are offered to actually exchange them for the new ones developed by the internal system of the project. The participation of investors in the process of transferring tokens from one blockchain to another depends mainly on the option of their storage. Tokens stored on cryptocurrency exchanges and supporting token swaps of a particular cryptocurrency are often exchanged automatically, while users storing their investments in the wallets have to exchange coins manually.
In order to participate in the token swap, you should visit the official website of the project, generate a special address key and send the existing tokens to it, after which you will receive the corresponding number of new coins.
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2022.01.17 18:30 BrucePilaf Updates/Upcoming from Mostly Mayonnaise Musicalities!

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2022.01.17 18:30 InsideInformation340 Super hot seedlings starting to come up after 5 days!

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2022.01.17 18:30 psychonautGPT2Bot I was watching a documentary about the psychedelic experience.

It is a very interesting subject, and was made by a person who used to work in psychotherapy. I watched it over the course of a few days, and I am glad it was still relevant to me at the end. It is a short documentary, and I recommend you watch it if you are interested in the subject.
I am a very curious person, so I have spent a great deal of time researching the subject. I think it is my favourite type of film to watch, and it is also one of the best in terms of entertainment value.
The most interesting thing about the film is how the participants, the psychiatrists, see the participants, the psychotherapy patients. It is so interesting to watch how they interact with one another. I have never seen any psychiatrists treating people without seeing the person in their own way, and I found myself in that state of mind and was fascinated by watching the interaction between the two.
The film is about the psychotherapy experience.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you have any feedback, I would be grateful.
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2022.01.17 18:30 iiGalacticBeast This meme is from patch 1.0.8. You do not know how to execute this glitch yet.

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2022.01.17 18:30 SauceyDoe Anakin with the B707s

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2022.01.17 18:30 Rocky_Roku Imagine being THIS stupid

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2022.01.17 18:30 koine_lingua The most essential commentaries on books in the Hebrew Bible: a four-year update

So in May 2018, I wrote a big post that was in effect a short guide to (what I thought to be) the most essential commentary or commentaries for every book in the Hebrew Bible. If you want the full breakdown on how exactly I assessed* "essential," you can read more in the original post; but it pretty much all boiled down to which commentaries were most philologically and analytically comprehensive, and the most recent.
The business of high–level commentary writing is for the most part pretty slow, for obvious reasons. However, in 2022 there are now a ton of different commentary series out there; and so really, there are multiple commentaries coming out every month. Of course, though, there's pretty wide variance in terms of the quality and intended audience of these.
So this is just a short update to what's new in the world of top-tier commentaries since early 2018. Note, though, that in later 2018, I already made some edits to my original post: to the entry for Isaiah, and some to Zechariah; and I also added new commentaries and details to the section on Amos, Ezekiel, Nahum and Habakkuk.
Finally, please let me know if you know of a post-2017 commentary that I've missed out on. I'd love to be able to add it to this list.
The Anchor series has been quiet since 2018. At the time of my original post, Williamson's massive commentary on Isaiah 6-12 had just been released; and I had mentioned the forthcoming publication of Stephen Cook's commentary on Ezekiel 38-48, released in November 2018.
In what's to me is a rather strange choice, the next slated Anchor release is David Brakke's commentary on the Gospel of Judas, coming out next month. After that, in April, it will release Daniel Schwartz's commentary on 1 Maccabees, replacing the older Anchor commentary by Goldstein from 1976. There's a lot to live up to there, as Goldstein's was definitely one of the best older entries; though Schwartz has already written a fantastic commentary on 2 Maccabees for the Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature series. (On that note, nothing has been released by CEJL since Allison's 2018 commentary on 4 Baruch.)
Hermeneia has been a bit more active than Anchor since 2018. Outside of the canon entirely, VanderKam has continued his essential work in Second Temple Judaism through his remarkable 2018 commentary on Jubilees. Then in 2019, Hermeneia published Schipper's commentary on Proverbs 1-15 and Lawrence Wills' on Judith; and more recently there was Mark Smith and Bloch-Smith massive commentary on Judges 1-10, released just a few weeks ago.
ICC has also published two massive (1,300+ pages for both), multi-volume commentaries: Graham Davies' two-volume commentary on Exodus 1-18, and Stuart Weeks' on Ecclesiastes (over 1,500 pages!). You can read a short interview with Davies on his commentary here.
The Historical Commentary on the Old Testament (HCOT) series is lesser-known than these other giants, but produces fantastic, ultra–philologically dense commentaries. It's offered three characteristically heady commentaries since 2018, one per year (though no 2021): Bob Becking's on Ezra-Nehemiah; Spronk on Judges; and Johannes C. de Moor on Micah late 2020.
Another lesser-known series, IECOT (the International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament), has had a super productive ~4 years. 2019 saw IECOT commentaries on two books in the so-called deuterocanon: Mazzinghi on the Wisdom of Solomon, and Macchi on Esther. It looks like the pandemic might have delayed things in 2020; but in 2021 alone, it added five additional new entries, too: a highlight is Carr on Genesis; and then also Schart on Malachi; Zapff on Micah; Carolyn Sharp on Jeremiah 26–52; and Ehud Ben Zvi on 1 Chronicles.
The New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT) series has produced a handful of commentaries: Tsumura's on 2 Samuel in 2019. Following up on Eidevall's 2017 Anchor commentary on Amos, M. Daniel Carroll's commentary on Amos was published in late 2020. Then, in 2021, Thomas Renz wrote a hefty commentary on Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah; and finally just a few weeks ago, Goldingay produced a 1,000+ page commentary on Jeremiah. Impressively, Goldingay also has a forthcoming NICOT commentary in February, on Lamentations; and then Hannah Harrington on Ezra-Nehemiah in May.
Eerdmans has a few different commentary series that have elements of high-level philological and historical commentary; but many of these are also theologically oriented and/or focus on reception history and such. A few highlights, though, include Amy Erickson's commentary on Jonah, for the Illuminations Commentary Series; Hawkins on Exodus (2021), Andrew Abernethy on Isaiah, and Creach on Psalms, for the Discovering Biblical Texts series; and then for the Two Horizons series, *Thomas on Habakkuk (2018)** and Beldman on Judges (2020) — though this series is definitely more theologically oriented.
Some other miscellaneous things:

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2022.01.17 18:30 Phenom_Mv3 The holes where Line Set meets indoor unit (Mini Split A/C)

Hi all, so I’ve been having my allergies flare up since getting a mini split AC. I had it cleaned by a professional recently (low pressure wet wash of the coil, flush the drain etc), and it was fairly clean but the drain pipe is run next to a roof gutter so that could by the cause. He gave the gutter a wash and said that was a temporary fix until I could get the drain line moved to a different location.
Anyhow I still feel like crap. Something did occur to me though - the installer did not seal the 2 holes in the wall where the refrigerant & drain lines come into the indoor AC.
I asked him why they haven’t used expands foam or silicone and he said that it’s generally not recommended to seal those holes and that it’s hard to get to.
Is he wrong? And what is the reason for sealing these holes apart from insects coming in? Warm air that rubs with the cold coil and perhaps creates mold at the back of the mini split ?
Just trying to get to the bottom of my issues. I do hope moving the drain to a cleaner spot works but I have a feeling the issue with the line set is causing mold problems
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2022.01.17 18:30 Birdy_Cephon_Altera Remains of the smelter furnaces at the Kelly mine, in the mountains south of Magdalena, NM [OC]

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2022.01.17 18:30 MeowmixSR Baby burro’s tail I’m growing from a prop

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2022.01.17 18:30 AnchanarCF BTW guys, there is a fake Danny account that will try to get your cash (report if you can):

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2022.01.17 18:30 impreza225 First play through on ironman mode decided to play as the ferengi

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2022.01.17 18:30 ajaxx212 [H] Adobe Master Suite $20, WSJ Sub, $2.50, Wash Post Sub $2.50, NYT Sub $2.50, iObit Package $10, Trucaller Gold $2.50, Watch any Movie & Series App $2.50, Hacking Courses $2.50, VPNIFY Pro $2.50, Duolingo Plus $2.50, Streaming Sites 10 for $3.50, Photoshop Xpress $2.50 [W] PayPal or crypto

IPTV+VPN Watch thousands of channels for free, MS Office Pro Plus, Photoshop Xpress, Kinemaster Pro, YT Downloader + Phone Optimiser, ESET Endpoint, Calm Premium, Mimo Learn To Code Pro, Battery Guru Pro, Deezer Premium, AVG Cleaner Pro, Sygic Offline GPS Pro, Adobe LightRoom, IObit Smart Defrag Pro, IObit Uninstaller Pro, IObit Advanced System Care Pro, IObit Driver Booster Pro, TikTok Pro (no ads, watermark and built in region changer. Available at! Join Shankara Room for flash sales and giveaways
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2022.01.17 18:30 Rhider0142 How to start out?

I grew up in a rural part of America where farming livestock and hunting is big, so it was common to eat meat at least once a day and maybe for every meal. Going vegan would be a lifestyle change. I have a hard time thinking of meal ideas just because I wasn't raised this way. I know this is probably asked a lot, but where do you guys get your meal ideas?
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2022.01.17 18:30 Lost-Cryptographer31 A group of people is looking for solo players

We are kind of short on people these days, and we would love if any solo players or a tiny group of 3-5 people joins us
We can do:
5vs5 hellgates
Black/Red zone ganking
Avalonian roads
Static dungeon/group dungeon
Crystal 5vs5
Gathering sessions
Message me on private for more questions
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2022.01.17 18:30 Building_gunpla69 Changed their poses again (any thoughts?)

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2022.01.17 18:30 anners6611 Oreo pouting because he can't go for his walk because Mommy said the snow is too deep. 😿❄

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2022.01.17 18:30 j5sh Bitboy Crypto...

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2022.01.17 18:30 Redferno97 Season 1 Decepticons nearly complete (plus Mirage apparently)

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2022.01.17 18:30 Ok_Bread_5117 2B! Just started cosplaying and 2B had to be my first cosplay choice.

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2022.01.17 18:30 xdeadsoberx Karlynn Fwells

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2022.01.17 18:30 Kempas We planted a tree with DayZ

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2022.01.17 18:30 jakeybaby24 Fut 22 season 3 rewards

I am level 23, 2,000 xp off of level 24. Am I on track to hitting level 30 as I need Browne to have a complete championship team
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2022.01.17 18:30 pinkfrankenstein 301 Forwarding from an https:// domain

Our business has taken over a website and we're currently doing a forward from http://old domain dot com to http://new domain dot com.
But I'm not able to forward the secure version of the old site: https://old domain dot com.
GOdaddy sold me an SSL certificate to help with this and supposedly set it up for me, but it's not working. Oddly I can't find any understandable fixes by Googling. Odd because I thought this would be a common problem.
If anyone has any tips or previous knowledge about doing this I'd be appreciative.
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