this is my aesthetic 💕

2022.01.17 20:03 s3zle this is my aesthetic 💕

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2022.01.17 20:03 chillbillytaylor This game is going to break my hands

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2022.01.17 20:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: reinsurance

reinsurance: insurance a second time or again
See tree for reinsurance:
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2022.01.17 20:03 EasternDank [USA-MA] [H] Ryzen 3700x, H100i RGB PLATINUM (No Fans), 6 LL120 Fans, Corsair Commander Pro, Corsair RGB Hub, Corsair RM750x [W] Paypal G&S

Hello HWS,
I just re-cased my PC and upgraded a few things resulting in some parts for sale. Willing to deals on multiple items if that's up your alley! Up for grabs I have the following:

Item Cost
Ryzen 3700x: Ran under AIO since purchase in June 2021, always ran stock and will include cooler 215 OBO+ Shipping
Corsair H100i AIO: No fans, was functioning perfectly fine before upgrading to a 360 mm AIO. Purchased in May 2019. All brackets and hardware included $35 OBO+ Shipping
6x Corsair LL120 Fans: All were functioning perfectly fine before upgrading to QL120 Fans. $20 Each OBO + Shipping
Corsair Commander Pro: BNIB, never used $50 OBO + Shipping
Corsair RGB Fan Hub: Came with my 3x QL120 set, don't need it! $10 OBO + Shipping
Corsair RM750x PSU: Purchased May 2019 and has been running strong since. All cables included $40 OBO + Shipping

All items will be shipped USPS priority. No international shipping at this time (sorry!). Comment before PM.

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2022.01.17 20:03 Fellbestie007 Nordamerika nach dem Krieg von 1812 sein wie:

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2022.01.17 20:03 ELpork Vikings complete interview with Browns VP of Football Operations Kwesi Adofo-Mensah for GM

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2022.01.17 20:03 CustardHistorical991 My wife doesnt have an auto immune disease!

Just got done with thr GI appointment!
No lupus or auro immune hepatitis , its non alcoholic fatty liver disease! (Thats good!)
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2022.01.17 20:03 crytoloover Posible FECHA de CAMBIOS DE BALANCE para la SEASSON 20 de AXIE INFINITY | CUANDO SALE?

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2022.01.17 20:03 silvertomars El Hodlador downgraded by Moody’s citing “very high risk of default”…

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2022.01.17 20:03 zalexis Character Recap: Father | HBO Max

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2022.01.17 20:03 AlarmingWaltz9899 I NEED HELP.

I am very young and I have been masturbating since I was 8. It used to be up to 3 times every day that I masturbated. I have been trying, I was 2 weeks clean until yesterday. It has gotten so bad that I can't control myself. I start, but it's impossible to stop. Every time I cave in and masturbate, I yell at myself in my mind to stop but I can't pull away. When I am finished it doesn't even feel good. I have recently started talking to someone, and I think it has helped a tiny bit. How do i help myself an how can i stay motivated???
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2022.01.17 20:03 TheChaosMuppet Ventilate and heat a garage shop in winter?

I have an insulated, attached garage in USDA zone 7a/8b that I'd like to use for finishing work during cold wet weather (and also sawdust-making and gluing). The walls of the garage are insulated, but the garage doors are not. Presently, the winter temperature in the garage is usually 40-50F (5-10C). I would like to bump that up to 50-60F (10-15C) so that the finishing products and glues I'm using will behave as expected.
The seal between the garage and house is also not great, and I'd like to vent fumes to the outside, ideally putting the garage under slight negative pressure relative to the house so that I'm not getting dust and vapors in the living area. Ideally, I'd be able to do this without pegging the relative humidity in the garage at 100% (it's quite rainy here). Garage is in the ballpark of 4800 ft3.
Woodworkers, what suggestions do you have for simultaneously raising the temperature so that slow-drying oil finishes will work, and increasing air exchange with outside so that fumes don't build up? Are there things I'm not considering here? Thanks!
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2022.01.17 20:03 SgtSlaughter1974 Why in the world have we all missed this...if we even did.

OK mods, if this post is not allowed please DM me and tell me what rules it breaks. That being said is confirmation for EVERYTHING that has been talked about concerning The SEC. The bit at the end is the most interesting because it gives every retail investor the potential ability to impact the corruption of not only the market but also the SEC. I believe the rot goes even deeper. Please watch the whole video...and no I have no affiliation with the content creator.
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2022.01.17 20:03 Bonus1Fact A revived Obama program to allow more migrants under the age of 21 to come to the U.S. legally will begin accepting new applications this week and has been expanded to assure more candidates qualify, the Biden admin announced via the State Dept. READ:

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2022.01.17 20:03 _glossectomy Transplanted Dragon Fruit Cactus Not Doing Well?? Help!

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2022.01.17 20:03 Ajangg How is it?

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2022.01.17 20:03 regalalgorithm Last Week in AI - AI early warning system for new Covid-19 variants, increased federal spending on facial recognition, AI used to detect fake art, and more!

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2022.01.17 20:03 darla412 Enter To Win The "Ultimate Charcuterie At Home" Giveaway [$357 Retail Value] {US} (2/17/2022)

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2022.01.17 20:03 VentureSurvival Venture MC - JUST RESET 1.18 - (Friendly Survival Server)

Join for a fun experience you'll never forget!
Venture MC is a well established survival network that provides fun gameplay and a friendly community for all! We are very welcoming and love to meet new players. Our goal is to provide a place everyone can rely on for Minecraft entertainment at its best. With a player-based economy at the heart of our server, innovative gameplay, and a thriving community, you would be stupid not to join us! Whether you want to chill out and meet some new friends or make yourself known as the best on the server, you won't be disappointed. If that didn't sell you, then take a look at the awesome list of features our server has to offer:
» Features «
⛏️ PvE Oriented Gameplay, with the ability to toggle PvP on or off
🔒 Grief Prevention to protect your builds for griefers and form communities!
⛰️ Custom Rank Ladder that unlocks perks as you progress through the server
🛡️ Quests to challenge your skills and win huge rewards
💰 Player Jobs to earn a steady source of income
🏘️ Chest shops and player warps to make stores and share creations with others
🏆 Custom Enchantments with unique abilities
✔️ No admin shop! This is a purely player driven economy. You decide the value of items
😱 Custom hostile mob spawns randomly in the wild
🎟️ Lottery, Auctions, mcMMO, and much more!

  1. Do not hack, cheat, or do anything that gives you an unfair advantage.
  2. No racism, discrimination, or vilification.
  3. Scamming other players is not allowed
  4. Do not spam or advertise in chat.
  5. In general just don't be toxic and use common sense.
  6. This doesn't encompass all of the server's rules. Please type /rules in-game for more information.
Server Established: December 17th, 2017
Join us today:
(Leave a comment below for a link to our discord)
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2022.01.17 20:03 TheTrustyBandit The Lost Soldier Part 10

Oh lookie, I made another.
My feet stumbleds as I tried to spin around to look at the new voice. When I gained my bearings again and looked up, I saw... a dwarf?
Well not exactly. In stature and basic look, it looks almost exactly as any dwarf you would find in Lord of the Rings or Warhammer. The main difference here being the pointed ears and the grayish skin.
Also the fact he was glowing.
I just stared. What was I supposed to do? Say sup? Theres just a fucking glowing dwarf what do want from me? Should I scream? What the fuck do I do?!
He seemed to notice my apprehension and began to speak. "Oh sorry, I have not introduced my self." He slid down from the grave he was sitting on and began once more. "I am Hovë of Durein, at your service" he said as he did a little bow.
This brought me out of my stupor. "My name is Dima. Ahh, and may I ask, arent you dead?" It was the same name I put on the Grave.
"Ah that. You see, when I died I did not die peacefully, so my soul was trapped in the caverns beside my body. I was left to marinate in my hate for that damndable bug you killed." He said as gestured wildly.
"But then I saw you come around the corner friend. At first I thought ye was going to rob me poor cadaver, but instead you pick up all of my bits and brought em here! You even killed that Floggings piece of dung beast!" He said, a smile accompanying his bearded face.
"Ok I get it. You needed to be laid to rest sort of deal, right?" I said slowly, still processing this strange event that was before me.
"You catch on quick boyo! But I could already guess that with all the rune work ye seem to have been doing. A runesmith in the making ye are!"
"Ahh... thank you. Im sorry man, its just this whole thing is a bit new to me... the whole ghost thing I mean."
"Ohoho, don't worry, I understand. I would be bewildered meself if I was confronted like this." He patted his belly. "You see, I was the last person to die in these caverns, all of my fellows died before me, so I buried them. I had no-one to bury me, so I was stranded."
He seemed saddened by that, I mean, I would be too if I was in his position.
"What killed you?" I asked timidly asked.
"Those damn beasts! That creature you called a bug. There was an infestation here and before we realize it, we were trapped down here with a bunch of them. One by one they killed us." He eyes had narrowed, his nostrils flared. He calmed quick though and looked at me. "But you, OHOHO, you killed that one good with that weapon of yours. And if you dont mind me asking, what is it?"
"Oh, ehh, its called a gun. This model being called an AKS-74u." I explained. This didnt seem to satisfy him though.
"Yes yes, but how does it work?" He looked like a child seeing a new toy that he wanted.
"Ah well, let me open it up for you to have a visual aid." As I did so, he came closer and looked inside.
I began to explain the whole thing to him, from the bolt, to the magazine and the whole rune thing itself.
"I would have never thought of this. Just one rune needed to make such a devestating weapon!" He exclaimed.
"I didnt think of the base design. I did have to figure out how to implement the rune though. It was exhilierating to see it function."
"I bet it was boyo." He tried to slap me on the back, but his hand seemed to phase through my torso. He looked at his hand and acted like he just remembered he was dead.
"Well boyo, I guess its time for me to go. My friends are on the other side already, I better go meet up with them." He seemed to shuffle towards the grave. It was like watching a dog having to leave his favorite sleeping spot.
He suddenly jerked to a stop however. He stood straight up and looked at me, a new fire in his eyes.
"Im sorry to ask boyo, but could you make me a body?"
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2022.01.17 20:03 aSentientShadeOfBlue Sunset a few days ago. Didn’t make it to the drone in time :(

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2022.01.17 20:03 RealRock_n_Rolla Denunció discriminación en una pileta de Soldini porque no la dejaron entrar con su traje de baño

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2022.01.17 20:03 Jeet_the_skeet Playboicarti

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2022.01.17 20:03 Najishukai Admob match rate dropping near 0

Hi everyone,
Has anyone else suffered from admob's random match rate dropping incidents? I first heard about it back in 2019 and today it happened to me as well. My app had ~2K ad requests last week but the match rate dropped to 0.12%. This was not the case for the past year so I can't tell if I'm doing something wrong.
If it's an admob related problem that I can't control, what would you suggest I do? Any good alternative ad networks?
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2022.01.17 20:03 Healthy_Criticism11 H: AAE250 Flamer + TS25ffr25, TS25ffr50drwa M79 (2x Legacy) + TS25ffr, B / Z 25ffr15r Fatman (3x Legacy) + Jetpack Helmet Ultracite / Torso Excavator (2x Legacy) + TSE, QE25 Cal.50 + Enclave Plasma Flamer mod + Rad Barrel, Rad Emitter, Flamer Trap Plans W: (2-3*) TSE + BE Flamer or AE + ZE + VE Gp

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