88 hazard or 85 vini?

2022.01.17 19:12 aronbeelen 88 hazard or 85 vini?

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2022.01.17 19:12 Character-Survey5032 Question about housing application.

I completed the housing application at the beginning of fall semester and I'm wondering if I have to apply again for spring semester? Do I apply every semester or is it every academic year assuming I want to continue living on campus?
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2022.01.17 19:12 AccomplishedFly4782 No boss, I have chickenpox. It's going to take more than a day to heal.

Last week I got sick, I called into work for Monday, on Sunday. I had Sunday off, and I had Tuesday-Thursday off as well. Thursday morning I woke up with blisters on my body. Small ones and they were itchy.
Now, my parents have never been anti-vax, and my mom was exposed to chickenpox when she was pregnant with me so she assumed I was immune. False.
Secondly, chickenpox as an adult is hellish. I spent the first two nights unable to sleep. I had a head cold and blisters on the back of my tongue which made swallowing hell as well. My lymph nodes were swollen as well, and in constant pain.
I called my doctor, got him on the phone. He prescribed me medication for them. I called my boss. Told her I had the pox, and would need a few days off to heal. Mind you, chicken pox is HIGHLY contagious. She asked if I was going to be able to make it in for my next shift. I said no, I'm not supposed to be coming into contact with anyone.
I was supposed to work this weekend, so she told me to email the main boss. I did. I asked her what I needed to provide to her about it. I did not receive a reply. I got an email this morning passive aggressively saying that this didn't look good for me. And that they didn't receive enough information. Though no one asked me for any information.
I sent a reply stating that no one contacted me about information even though I asked, and that the assumption that someone with an incredibly contagious infection not coming to work for a few days should have been more likely than the assumption they had of me coming to work looking like I had the plague.
She said I needed a covid test and a doctors note before coming back in. Then asked if I was coming in for Wednesday...
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2022.01.17 19:12 NewsElfForEnterprise Buzz-worthy Brands Without the Booze! See Which Celebrities Have Launched Non-Alcoholic Drink Lines

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2022.01.17 19:12 Aromatic-Cup-1 Amateur views on what I have seen

Fairly inexperienced investor here learning the ropes. I have a few views and questions I would like your opinions on.
I find it odd that people push holding and patience so hard.
I completely understand the idea of value and the power of buys and sells. I know the market is down across the board at the minute but it still is interesting to me.
My questions are, at what point do people accept that a coin is dead? Is there a small group left in every dead coin still posting “hodl”. How low has a coin went in the past with people still hoping before realising, How many people can’t just pull the trigger on a sell before they go under?
The emotional side to crypto is painful to watch on Reddit. It too easily becomes something more, a sense of community with people you don’t know etc. which people allow to affect their decisions and their hard earned money, when really it should be for yourself and about yourself with your own research and goals. People enter to invest but get caught up in a toxic world falling for random peoples opinions and fake facts.
There is more to it than just holding and praying other people hold your investments value up.
This is just a random set of things I have seen or read this year or so on crypto. I have a lot more but I will bore you all. Feel free to discuss
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2022.01.17 19:12 SunnySherbet2800 How much do you guys charge monthly for freelance social media management? Not hourly but based on monthly

1 social account
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2022.01.17 19:12 Dalleuh peak fb content

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2022.01.17 19:12 todorow21 (Free) Young Nudy Type Beat - "Lil One"

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2022.01.17 19:12 mcpimmle One of the most satisfying bombingruns you'll ever watch

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2022.01.17 19:12 throwawayacc4284 Men- what’s not quite as good as an orgasm but is pretty damn close?

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2022.01.17 19:12 RPAnon9 Anyone down to let me watch today? I can host

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2022.01.17 19:12 Easy_Palpitation779 I like makeing charts and guides, I'm looking for inspiration or ideas for a cooking chart/guide?

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2022.01.17 19:12 korjiix Trading 300k rhd for bbc

1k bbc = 2k rhd
Offer away! :D
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2022.01.17 19:12 Awkward_Act9261 I remember it Like it was yesterday

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2022.01.17 19:12 Agreeable-Weekend873 Bruh…

I am not the biggest fan of reference photos like… I don’t need a bunch of random people in my camera roll, no thanks. Not to mention I just genuinely prefer and enjoy describing what my character is wearing/looks like. I told my partner this and it was even in my ad when they reached out to me but they deadass wouldn’t reply to the rp until I sent one. Which… I know… I probably should’ve just ended things earlier but I like to give the benefit of the doubt; maybe it wouldn’t be too bad since I can always delete photos after and perhaps he just needed something to better visualize my character whatever.
So I send the reference of a cute outfit I found off of Pinterest that matched what I was thinking of for my character and well… I got a negative response of the outfit choice. Like, Dude you asked for it and I gave you what you wanted but it wasn’t good enough?? Like I’m sorry but this is exactly why I don’t send reference pictures and describe it instead so it doesn’t mess up what you were thinking.
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2022.01.17 19:12 OldCorvo The game doesn't work even for us to spend money on it... It's been 10 minutes in this screen and nothing happens nor the purchase concludes

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2022.01.17 19:12 Imaginary-Cow4854 INTPs and Careers

I feel like INTPs are easily lumped with the feeling of being quite unemployable getting titles like “unmotivated” and “procrastinator”, and commonly associated with a bad sleep schedule and missing deadlines.
However, I have found that I can’t relate to this at all- aside from people skills, I’m significantly better than ~10 peers within my department (but ranking much lower when comparing to others in my field in the whole world) by markers of research output, contacts and knowledge… (since my job is in the research sector, this is a fair measure). I’ve never loved any job or enjoyed anything that much in the last few years, it keeps me from being bored (since I’d probably be googling random things and learning stuff anyway in my free time). Somehow, in the end I put in a lot of hours because I have nothing more interesting to do, although I can very over ambitious with deadlines and miss them, I’m still hitting way above my targets.
Are there any career orientated/successful INTPs here, and what’s your story? How are you performing in your jobs?
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2022.01.17 19:12 diosmio China's claim that Omicron came from Canadian mail dismissed as 'ludicrous'

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2022.01.17 19:12 Festive_Peanut Usb loader gx/ Wii menu

Is there anyway to have my wii not go to the wii menu when exiting a game but instead strait back into usb loader?
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2022.01.17 19:12 Away_Decision_4865 The SaMo mountains are a bit gloomy today

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2022.01.17 19:12 economicsdesign It's Align Supply and Demand. Sometimes, it's a line. Other times, a curve.

We provide over 100+ FREE crypto articles on our SubStack! :D (Link on our profile). This is not financial advice.
TLDR: If behavioural economics is the first principle in economics design, then supply and demand is the second basic principle. There are many ways to design and govern supply and demand. The design is dependent on the purpose and objective of the token.
This episode is going to be real simple and basic. I don't want to assume that everyone knows everything. There are plenty of things that I don't know. It's always best to go back to basics. The future episodes will be more technical and nerdy, so let's get the basic foundations right before we build complicated structures!
How is behavioural economics and supply and demand the basic principles? It is all about economic engineering! In economics design, instead of using models to describe how the world works, we design the rules that are implemented in the ecosystem. So we get to design and define the supply and demand.
Topics covered this week:

  1. The basics of supply and demand
  2. How to govern supply and demand
  3. How to apply supply and demand in token economics
At the end of the day, we are designing economics systems via rules and mechanisms. As a designer, you have a set objectives that you want the ecosystem to achieve. The challenge here, is how to implement the objectives.
We have behavioural economics to push people towards that shared objective. And we have supply and demand to affect their actions too. Think of it as a two-prong approach: rules for the irrational mind and rules for the rational mind.
Supply Demand 101 In economics, we always talk about supply and demand. They are 2 lines. And usually when they intersect, that is what we call "market equilibrium". That point where the 2 lines meet is the market price and market quantity.
But what these lines share, is the relationship between both parties. When prices are low, buyers will demand more. When prices are high, buyers will demand less. It is the opposite for sellers. When prices are high, sellers want to sell more. When prices are low, sellers want to sell less.
The buyer's line shows at what price, how much the buyer wants to buy. The seller's line shows at what price, how much the seller wants to sell.
When the lines meet, it is the specific price where both buyers and sellers are comfortable with buying and selling at.
For example, when you travel to Southeast Asia and bargain for an item. That is the price both buyers and sellers are willing to trade and exchange the item for money.
There are a few things that affect the buyer's line and seller's line.
Buyer's Line We also call this a demand curve. The demand curve is different for each person. In the big picture, we combine all the individual demand curves together, to get the demand curve of the entire ecosystem.
These are factors that affect how much the buyer wants to buy, at a specific price. The number of available substitutes, consumer preferences, and the shifts in the price of complementary products affect demand. For example, if the price of video game consoles drops, the demand for games for that console may increase as more people buy the console and want games for it.
Seller's Line We call this a supply curve. Similarly, when we have plenty of sellers, we combine all the various curves together and get the supply curve of the entire ecosystem.
These factors are production capacity, production costs such as labor and materials, and the number of competitors directly affect how much supply businesses can create. With supply curve, there are other indirect factors know as ancillary factors. These are material availability, weather and the reliability of supply chains also can affect supply.
Governance: How and Why Why do we need to govern supply and demand? Because it affects our logical decision making actions. We can govern them in various ways and methods.
Supply There are different types of supply curve:
Demand The demand for a particular product would be different in different situations. We must be clear about the type of demand to create value-add use-cases to boost the demand.
Application to Token Economics Now, let's apply supply and demand to token economics.
Supply Things for you to consider when deciding supply schedule:
Demand Conclusion This episode covers the basic fundamentals of supply and demand, and how it relates to tokens. Sometimes, it is so basic that it goes over our head. This episode just brings us back to the fundamentals, when things get more complicated. Fundamentals are good because they rarely change. And so, we can build funky models on the fundamentals.
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2022.01.17 19:12 RLCD-Bot [Forest Green Dominus] [Dominus: CRL Eastern] [Forest Green Neo-Thermal] [Forest Green Poppet: Inverted]

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2022.01.17 19:12 Vast-Tension-262 Who should take my last slot in my Yoimiya team?

I need advice! My current team is Yoimiya, Yun jin as buffer and I have a guaranteed Kokomi on her rerun that I’ll use for vapes and heals. Who should take the 4th slot in my team? I don’t care much about meta, Xingqui is probably the better choice than Kokomi but she has pretty privilege so I’d rather build her over him. However, i still want my team to have good synergy overall. So who would you guys recommend? I was planning on Eula as a second dps but I feel like there’s definitely someone who would just work 100x better
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2022.01.17 19:12 Mountain-Advantage46 Coke n benzos (etizolam) had to repost since I forgot to put the ettizolam in the first one🤣🤣

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2022.01.17 19:12 DaveOJ12 Tongue-and-cheek

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